2019 IAOMT Meeting | Interview with DMD and Exhibitor Yuriy May and OneMedAll

Once you become a dentist, you’ll be able to do a lot of different procedures that will help people to enjoy life with a full complement teeth.

– Dr. Yuriy May

Being a healthcare provider is a great opportunity to help people to have a healthy lifestyle. Helping the community by providing services that make living a quality life easy & convenient and not difficult to avoid health issues. In modern-day, patients want healthier and potentially better options to restore teeth. Due to advanced technology, the dentistry community started to cope with changes.

A practitioner should have some knowledge about digital dentistry to provide better solutions to oral issues that a patient could be facing. For years, Dr. Yuriy May has worked as a practitioner of dentistry at National Dentistry. After making his way out to Farming, Connecticut he decided to begin specializing in doing implants. He revealed that his reason for becoming a dentist has always something to do with helping people.

Dr. Yuriy May introduced the benefits of ceramic implants. Particularly mentioning those ceramic implants from Z Systems in partnership with Straumann, aka Straumann Snow Implant.

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Straumann Partners with Z-Systems for Ceramic Implant Distribution

The Straumann Group has entered a strategic partnership with Z-Systems, a Swiss-based international leader in ceramic dental implant systems. The two companies have signed an agreement that provides Straumann with a 34% stake in Z-Systems in return for a capital injection to expand Z-Systems’ production capability and to develop its pipeline.

All materials used in this product are purely ceramic and provides patients with care in a more robust and better way. This reconstruction will give patients the ability to: enjoy food, be able to chew, and be able to have a third set of teeth after losing their previous ones.

Dr. Yuriy stated that providing such quality and experience-based services is what the profession needs in order to satisfy the patients or people who need the service. According to him, the use of ceramic implants to restore teeth is one of the latest trends in terms of dentistry.

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Ceramic vs Metal Implants

Dr. May believes that the ceramic implant is less invasive and actually helps with the restoration process unlike a traditional metal implant. Moreover, the ceramic implant is a lot safer than a metal one. For instance, the materials used in the metal implants promote electrical conductivity. As stated by Dr. Yuriy, the ceramic implant is more friendly to soft tissues – it attaches to the ceramic for better over-all gum health. This method of restoration has long-term stability for gum health.

After a thorough examination, including x-rays to determine bone density, one type of implant may prove to have the best chance of success over another. Ceramic vs metal implants are primarily a matter of personal preference except in very rare circumstances.

“Never stop learning to expand your skills.”

Dr. Yuriy May

Bringing a smile back on the faces of the patients is a great reward that a dentist can get as he changes people’s lives. During the interview, Dr. Yuriy May gave a little encouragement for people pursuing dentistry.

To all the future dentists out there, Dr. Yuriy May wants to remind you that dentists should create a personalized environment where people are treated individually to create a great experience.

Onemedall thanks Dr. Yuriy May for taking the time, to share his experience and expertise with us at the 2019 IAOMT meeting.
This full interview can be seen below.

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