2019 IAOMT Meeting | Interview with Exhibitor Mauricio Diaz and OneMedAll

 “The more tools that you have in your hand the more the answers that you have for your patients, the better equipped you are to handle those questions and address those concerns, and do their treatments, as opposed to having to send them somewhere else or the patients just walking away and going somewhere else”

– Mauricio Diaz

These days, there are a lot of misconceptions due to the translation of literature on the product. All of the misunderstandings is because of the unfortunate translation issue and not because there is really a product issue.

A retired Dentist and Endodontist, now working as a consultant who lives in Canada, Mauricio Diaz DMD, is concerned and excited at the same time about his vision of looking for products that are safe, environmentally friendly, noxious, and bio-compatible that is permeating to everything for the next 10 to 20 years. During the interview Dr. Diaz proudly introduced the uses of the product Endocal10.

What is Endocal?

A product that provides a very unique solution for a lot of pareos or any dentist doing root canals. It works with the body heal and it doesn’t cause any reactions that anybody should have concerns over.

Dr. Mauricio presents the Endocal as a material that has been in the market for some time. It started in Europe which was owned by a Korean dentist and is now relaunching in North America to focus the market of this product on the dental community.

Using Len Tool in Sealing and Application Process

Endocal does not only come with great results but also provides different benefits that are very unique. This product does not set in an acidic environment. It requires a certain level of pH inside the canal for it to dry and to be able to solidify. So, it becomes some sort of indicator of the condition of the canal.

This product will also eliminate a little bit of the guesswork. Dr. Mauricio talks about the sealing and application process. He also discussed the application of this product using the len tool. It is the most familiar and inexpensive tool that any company of dental supplies has it.

Dentists can use the len tool or number two to apply the paste that has compared on a clean slab to the consistency. Putting it little by little and place it in the canal then covers it with a little bit of Cabot or G.I. or any other cement that is not eugenol based. After 7 to 10 days you may notice that the canals are hardened, and it’s good to go and can now start the restoration.

“Dentistry is beautiful in so many ways because it is 50% science and 50% craftsmanship and skills and stuff like that so you’re able to do stuff with your hands, and hopefully do a lot of stuff with your brain.”

– Mauricio Diaz

During the interview, Dr. Diaz was asked if there is some advice that maybe he wants to tell his younger self, or maybe his son or daughter that he has, he said that money and wealth should not be a reason for becoming a dentist. He then ended the interview saying that for him, the most valuable investment or purchase that he made was getting married.

Onemedall thanks Dr. Mauricio Diaz for taking the time, to share his experience and expertise with us at the 2019 IAOMT meeting.

This full interview can be seen below.

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