Revenue 30% Profitability 30% & 30 New Patients

30/30/30 Movement

Increase Revenue 30% Profitability 30% & 30 New Patients in 90 days without increasing your risk and doing more dental work

Dental Is Medical, It's finally time you get paid for it

Our team of specially trained health planners are standing by to raise your revenue, increase profitability and bring you more new Medicare patients, you didn't have in 90 days.

In the next 90 days


...will be upgraded with a plug-and-play system to get full access to the money they never had but always should have been paid.

Medical Billing for Dentists:

Everyone has been talking about it, but there is a right, wrong and downright dangerous way to do it. You'll learn how to do sound Credentialing, Accurate Claims, and Smart Coding so you can get paid from Medicare and Medical plans for the work you already do.

Hire a Health Planner or Train your Own:

The missing piece in most dental operations is the proper support, not just dental assistants in the back, but the front of the house is just as important as the operation itself. Skip traveling or figuring it our yourself, hire one of our health planners so you don't waste time or throw more money away by letting it go. (Typically, most plans only allow 12 months to go back to get paid on past claims)

Practice Business Compliance for Dentists:

Understanding the Health Starts From Mouth Philosophy brings compliance to your practice. Discover how to protect yourself from unnecessary audits, complaints, and lawsuits. Most Importantly the way to setup your practice so you have the documentation and evidence to easily defend and win any problem that may arise.

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