5 Things To Learn And Unlearn

As can be observed from most other industry’s, dentistry is a field that is also evolving quickly. As such, what you do and the decisions you take about your practice today will surely have a huge impact in the next five years, which will of course affect your long-term success.

Five Things To learn:

  • The Transition from 2D To 3D

A majority of things, including technology, are transitioning from analog to digital; and this change has been around for a while now. However, 3D imaging will surely continue to transform case presentations and treatments. As such, learning this technology will prepare you for the future.

  • Carry Yourself As A CEO And Not Dentist

Your greatest success will come from managing and effective leading people, without micromanaging. In other words, take yourself as a boss.

  • Bigger can Be Better

The truth is that having a huge team and more than one associate helps you get greater resources as well as maximize your practice. This technique allows you to delegate individual roles for your important positions like billing, marketing, and reception. On the other hand, a large team may seem like a headache waiting to happen, but in actuality, it is a cure for a lot of other headaches.

  • Technology And Marketing Budget

There is no way one can avoid investing in marketing and technology. In other words, an online presence is very important, and it can either break you or lift you. For this reason, it needs continuous investment and attention and also learning and applying new technology.

  • Mentoring And Coaching

Did you know that successful people continue to grow simply because of the people they choose to surround themselves with? As such, having someone who will openly discuss their failures and successes, and even render the best advice and coaching will help you grow to new heights. That’s because you will know areas to improve and things to avoid.

The Five Things To Unlearn:

  • Stop Hating Insurance

Dental coverage is a form of a marketing plan, and you have to adapt to this technology and systems. Furthermore, it allows you to perform your practice efficiently and quickly. With this technique, you can maintain profitability.

  • Avoid Paying Yourself last

If you are doing dentistry yourself, then you should pay yourself accordingly. As such, you should never pay yourself what is left after paying for everything and everyone. If you do this, generally, you will not be left with anything.

  • Dentistry Is No-Longer A ‘8 a.m. to 5 p.m.’ And A Monday To Thursday Practice

Patients (who are your customers) are always looking for convenience and, aside from better customer care. For this reason, practices are open for most hours, and others are even 24-hour practices. All you have to remember is that the dental market is a surgical suite. This means that it will be extremely inefficient using it only 32 hours per week.

  • Don’t Hate Numbers

Dentistry is a business like any other. As such, you should understand that the business and its account matters to you. This means setting projections, goals, annual planning, and liability costs to succeed.

  • Do Not expect Patients To Value Dentistry The Same Way

Only a few people understand the benefits of oral health. Therefore, to succeed, you need to get good at selling. All the above are the things you need to learn and unlearn. However, everything should start today – in fact right now.

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