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At OneMedAll we strive to help those we work with: practice smarter, and live better. Whether you're looking to: implement revenue cycle management, improve clinical skills through CE, or upgrade your practice in an entirely new way by leveraging technology and automation - we can help.
After 20-years of experience working her way from being a treatment coordinator, managing large practices, and now having ownership of several dental practices as a working partner - Kimberly Lee founded OneMedAll. As the current CEO Kimberly's goal upon founding OneMedAll was to get to the bottom of: Why are dental surgeries different than medical surgeries? Why do dentists get paid so little? Why are dentists stuck with the bill for implant redos?

She knew that if she could find the answers to these questions it would transform the way dentists do business and help practices become more profitable. After nearly 5-years of digging and searching for answers in the complex world of medical billing and investing tens of thousands of dollars on cross coding classes, books, and CD's she realized that cross-coding simply was not the answer.

After countless denied claims and rejections from insurance companies, multiple series of trial and error, the billing process and coding was discovered. Kim pioneered an easier and proven way to get dentists certified by Medicare. This was the key to maximizing collections without any additional work.

OneMedAll is the only company that can guarantee an increase in revenue and collections. Additionally, the majority of the practices we work with also experience an improvement in clinical skills as a result of being able to focus on the procedures they want to do.

Ryan Minor


Ryan started as a self-taught software developer in 2007 building his own freelance company. In 2009 he began working for a government contractor in Washington, DC. After having numerous positions in companies of all sizes and in many different industries he planted his flag with OneMedAll.

Alex Cendejas

Operations Admin

Alex has been in the dental industry for over 10 years. Her advanced knowledge, skills and experience, not only enables her to provide excellent guidance and service, but also administer operations in all aspects seamlessly. Alex strongly believes in the impact that can be made through exceptional training, fostering strong relationships and effective teamwork. Alex brings unbridled passion and insights to the OneMedAll team and is excited about furthering the company mission and vision of helping more dentists practice smarter, and live better.

Eric Chong


Eric is passionate about all things Health and Technology. There is magic that happens when you do it right. He is focused on creating relationships and building businesses with purpose and impact. Eric's vision is to be the foremost leader in health and technology. Using systems and technology to improve practice profitability, growth, and convenience for dentists.

Mimi Montoya

Support Admin

Mimi has been in the dental industry for over 5 years. Mimi strongly believes in the impact that can be made through exceptional training, fostering strong relationships and effective teamwork. Mimi brings unbridled passion and insights to the OneMedAll team and is excited about furthering the company mission and vision of helping more dentists practice smarter, and live better.

Kevin Steineman

Digital Director

After more than a decade of experience implementing digital campaigns and strategies for different companies and clients Kevin decided to come onboard OneMedAll because he saw something he's never seen before. That is: being able to help dental practices live better and practice smarter.

Advisory Board

Decades of wisdom backing our team.

John Rivas - Rivas Goldstein, LLP

Legal Advisor

Mr. Rivas has substantial experience in advising and representing those across a variety of different regulatory boards including: Medicare, Medicaid, TMB, BON, OIG, DADS, MFCU, HHSC, FBI and CMS.

Michael D. Miscoe, Esq.*

Legal Advisor

Mr. Miscoe has an exceptional understanding of the right and wrong ways to get paid and the experience
needed to advise, represent, or protect those he works with as they relate to: Medicare audits and appeal processes.

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    We'll assess the current state and needs of your practice.

    After speaking with one of our team members we'll help you decide what is the best starting point for your practice as we begin to work together. Whether you need to get Medicare certified or already are - we'll walk you through the process.

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    Getting Certified or just Getting New Patients

    Depending on whether your practice is already Medicare certified or not will determine if we need to help you become certified or can start immediately towards increasing your collections and number of new patients your practice has.

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    Bolstering Brand Awareness

    Once your practice is setup and in the process of becoming certified or already experiencing an increase in collections we'll begin working on what's necessary to drive new patients, new cases, and more revenue.

I took an interest in the possibilities of Medicare, decided to give it a whirl and I'm really glad I did. Dentistry is definitely moving in this direction as there's a large demographic that NEEDS quality dentistry provided at an affordable price. Now we have a better solution.

Dr. Mark Davis


We realized the benefits are two-fold for the patients of the services we can provide them but also for our practice to be able to grow and not be so dependent on insurance, low fees, and seeing the deterioration of our profession. This is an opportunity, where aspects of the service we can provide create a huge growth opportunity.

Dr. Bhullar


What I remember from when I was trained 10-years ago (as a Medicare provider), we can AND SHOULD bill through medicare. The fact that dentists in a hospital setting can bill medicare as a medical procedure, but a dentist in their own practice cannot is wrong. You have to think in terms of the procedures you're doing - is it a medical procedure? For example, the: sutures, incisions, and things like that. Not the tooth part, because medicare does not provide benefits for 'tooth parts' however there are other treatments and diagnosis that require medical aspects for it and you should get paid for what you're doing.

James Bay

Medicare Provider

I've been using OneMedAll for over a year, and medical billing for the last 8-years. I switched over to OneMedAll because of their increased level of service they provide and their ability to comprehend what I'm doing and able to communicate to the insurance companies. The success rate is very predictable, and we can count on it. The reason I got into medical billing was because I needed to provide more of a service to patients that would lower their out of pocket costs for treatment - and, that's exactly what medical billing does.

Dr. Leonard Smith


$102,000 more just last month! OneMedAll has completely changed our practice. It's the best decision I've ever made in any practice and I recommend it to any of my friends and colleagues.

Dr. Lee


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