ADA Files a Lawsuit Against Delta Dental for Class Action

ADA (American Dental Association) has announced that it has filed a class-action lawsuit against Delta Dental plans and the Delta Dental Plans Association.

The complaint alleges Delta Dental allocated territories of operation and divided the national market in order to restrict competition and reduce reimbursement rates to dentists.

The complaint goes on to allege that Delta Dental’s anti-competitive acts hurt both dentists and their patients by limiting the choices of dental care available to patients and making it more difficult for dentists to deliver the care that patients need and want.

Alleging Antitrust Violations

Delta Dental Plans Association, its affiliated national entities, and 39 independent Delta Dental companies are named in the lawsuit. In addition to the ADA’s complaint, individual dentists have filed several class-action complaints against Delta Dental, also alleging antitrust violations, according to a Nov. 26 ADA news release.

In these complaints, the ADA and the individual dentists are requesting that the court certify the proceedings as a class action. The court will rule on that request in the up coming months.

Its harm is reflected in suppression of compensation below levels that would prevail in a competitive marketplace to dentists who are members of the Delta Dental provider network, as well as in the value and choices of dental care available to patients who are subscribers to the dental insurance provided by Delta Dental

The Lawsuit Alleges

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