The Future of AI in Dentistry 5 Things to Expect in 2020

The prospect of artificial intelligence has been hovering on the horizon for a long time, however, AI is here to stay. In the dental industry, we are starting to see the first AI-powered solutions for dentistry appearing on the market. However, we are told that the best is yet to come!

When it comes to how AI could impact the dental industry, there may some surprises in store. So far the headlines have mainly focused on either the mundane aspects like scheduling chatbots or the truly amazing sci-fi tasks like robotic arms performing surgery. In the field of dentistry, however, we should be looking at AI for improvements in just about every error-prone manual process in the dental industry.

Because most of the technology related to AI is still shrouded in mystery and in some cases stigmatized, we have asked Kyle Stanley, DSS, to illuminate the topic for us by highlighting 5 things we can expect from AI in the dentistry field during the next decade. Dr. Stanley provides us with his perspectives as a clinical researcher, a dentist in private practice, and as co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of the AI company, Pearl.

The takeaway from the podcast highlights the fact that the biggest impact of artificial intelligence may not be in the dental office per se, but on the significant effects, it will have on every professional involved in the field of dentistry. Here is what was said:

In order to help dentists understand the complex subject of artificial intelligence and its impact on the dental industry, Dr. Stanley discusses the topic in his excellent, in-depth webinar, “What is AI?” which is available instantly and is highly recommended.

Here Are the 5 Things You can expect to
See in 2020 and Beyond

  1. Improved Clinical Workflow
    AI will provide dental practices with more flexible ways to work with patient plans. It will eliminate the need to enter information during patient interactions as AI can ‘listen in’ and do the charting for you or your hygienist. And with biometric AI programs, you will no longer have to wait for a patient to be physically present to work on their smile design.
  2. Increased Practice Efficiency
    Natural AI language processing will allow dentists to analyze scheduling conversations, charts, and phone calls in order to uncover new opportunities on how to improve our practices. It can identify oversights and gaps that may not be discovered otherwise. AI can be applied across larger patient populations and practice groups to provide the information needed to inform us of everything, from reordering supplies to hiring and firing.
  3. More Precise Diagnostics
    AI provides great accuracy and precision in diagnostics. It will allow dentists to instantly tap into the experience and wisdom of thousands of other dentists all over the world. AI tools can be trained to identify common pathologies derived from dental x-rays. In the long run, it can deliver diagnostics exponentially more precisely than anything a single dentist could possibly provide which can serve as the new standard of care.
  4. Improving Dental Restorations
    AI techniques such as machine learning and computer vision will provide improved speed and a new standard of precision in dental restorations. Labs that use AI will have only high-quality scans to produce superfast restorations with a perfect fit.
  5. Fixing Insurance
    Perhaps the biggest impact of AI outside the dental office will be to address the dental industry’s “elephant in the room” – the processing of dental claims and payments of benefits. Dr. Stanley explains how the old-school system that has been so exasperating for dentists will be completely upended by AI.

    Indeed many, AI powered solutions are entering the market and services have huge benefits to gain from these algorithms affecting verticals from across the boards.

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