Association of Oral Healthcare Providers

The association of oral healthcare providers (AOHP) was started with the common goal of bridging the gap between dentistry and healthcare. Although both traditional MD’s, DMD’s, and DDS’ all have the same rigorous health schooling, only dentists after finishing dental school typically focus on treating areas that affect the body orally.

OneMedAll and the AOHP believe that healthcare providers are exactly that. Regardless of where in the body they are providing care to. Many would not argue that: the body is from head to toe and the mouth is part of the body.

We work with dentists, DDS’, DMD’s, and others who perform oral surgery to help them provide the highest level of patient care and ensure they’re getting appropriately compensated for doing so. If your dental practice is looking to incorporate medical billing to improve patient care, collections and clinical reward – then let us know how we can help you start practicing smarter and living better – today.

Our network of dentists, oral surgeons, and other oral healthcare providers span from coast to coast and we have providers in: Florida, Texas, New York, Chicago, Boston and California and specific areas of the midwest.