Dentist Medicare Enrollment: Is The Process Complicated?

For those who wanted to get paid for providing Medicare-covered services to Medicare patients, it is a must for a healthcare provider to enroll in the Medicare Program. For dentists who wanted to take a plunge in the Medicare enrollment process but have not started yet, continue reading this article to guide you through. In dentist Medicare enrollment, is the process complicated?

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It is not complicated if given two options to enroll. One can still choose the old-fashioned paper application way wherein one would need to print the application form, mark it with a hand-written signature after filling it out with personal information, and send it via snail mail. The other option is through an online platform called PECOS, which is the expedited version/option of the application process. No need to print out anything, and it is paperless.

(Dentist Medicare Enrollment Question) What Are the Advantages of using PECOS?

There is nothing wrong if one still prefers the paper application option. But – keeping documents and papers in your dental office can sometimes use up a lot of space. Here are some of the advantages of using PECOS in dentist Medicare enrollment:

  • Using PECOS speeds up the application process. When using PECOS, you do not need a printer to print the Medicare application forms. You do not need a pen to fill out the forms. Lastly, it saves you from the inconvenience and time of going to the post office to mail it. Say goodbye to the old kind of way and say hello to the paperless system. In PECOS, you will enjoy a speedy application approval process by just checking the status directly in the portal.
  • It is a one-stop-shop.  The aim of using PECOS is to help you in making your life easy. You are not only using the portal to enroll in Medicare. You can also update and report any changes to your enrollment record with ease using the platform. You can also renew the enrollment or maybe withdraw from the Medicare program through PECOS.
  • No more follow-up calls. By just logging in to your account, checking the status of your application can be so easy. You will receive and view a notification on the platform to see if your application needs further information or additional supporting documents.

There are (2) two ways to check your application enrollment in PECOS:

  • You can log in to PECOS and click the View Enrollments link. From there, you can see the Existing Enrollments section. Go to your application. The system will indicate the status of your application from there.
  • You can also check the status of your enrollment without logging in. You can go to the PECOS homepage and find Helpful Links, then click Application Status.
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When your application gets approved by your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), they will send you an approval letter, and the status update that you’ll see in your PECOS account is “approved.”

The bottom line here is: PECOS is an efficient and user-friendly platform, but whatever it is that you choose, whether it is a paper application or paperless option. Always make sure to provide complete and honest information so as not to delay the approval process. After the enrollment we suggest you Get the FREE 43-Page Report to The 5 Best Kept Secrets to Practicing Smarter & Collecting more.

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