Dentists’ Plea for Priority Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

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Now that COVID-19 vaccines are out and the widespread vaccine distribution is just months away, will life get back to normal? This article will discuss all about dentist Covid vaccine – if they can administer the solution to the global problem we have now.

Endless questions and queries from patients, regular people, and healthcare professionals, including dentists, have sprouted worldwide regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination. Regarding the dentist Covid vaccine, many dentists are struggling to seek priority access to the coronavirus vaccine and hoping for their local health departments to include them in Phase1A.

Dentists and their staff are also at high risk of getting sick with coronavirus, and aside from that, dentists administering the Covid vaccine is a hot issue that keeps on resurfacing. Will they be permitted to help in distributing the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines?

Dentists are not included from the healthcare professionals that will get priority in receiving vaccinations for COVID-19. Based on reports, pharmacy staff is included in the Second Tier as they “may provide direct services to clients, including vaccination or testing for individuals who may have COVID.”  However, dentists and their staff exposed to many potential asymptomatic and possibly symptomatic patients are not included. They are at significant risk, and they depend merely on their PPE and protocols for protection from the coronavirus infection.

As the vaccine rollout carries on, the American Dental Association is working for its patients and profession on three fronts, Dr. Klemmedson, ADA President, said in a letter:

• Helping dentists get vaccinated.

• Helping dentists navigate, being able to administer the vaccine.

• Helping dentists talk to their patients about getting vaccinated too.

The ADA has supported dentists and dental team members to be selected within the first phase of vaccinations, Dr. Klemmedson stressed, saying that the final decision rests with the individual states to prioritize populations to be offered the vaccine.

Who will get the vaccine first?

First Phase: Healthcare workers and people who live and work in nursing homes. The highest-priority people within that group are frontline medical workers with direct exposure to people who are potential carriers of the coronavirus. Healthcare workers began receiving their first doses in mid-December.

Second phase: Essential workers and people 75 and older. A federal advisory panel has indicated priority should go to firefighters and police, teachers and school staff, people who work in food and agriculture and manufacturing, U.S. Postal Service employees, and grocery store workers.

Third phase: Other high-risk groups, including people 65 to 74 and people with chronic health conditions. The same advisory committee said this is when the rest of the essential workers, including employees in food service, media, utilities, and legal and financial jobs, should be vaccinated.

The big question on everyone’s mind now: When can I get my shots?

There is no specific date yet; take a look at this timeline from CNN Health. Here’s what to expect from the coming coronavirus vaccination campaign.

December  Who might get vaccinated: Health care workers and nursing home residents December is a month for some big decisions. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices has voted to recommend that 21 million frontline health care workers and support staff and 3 million residents of long-term care facilities have been hardest hit by the pandemic be in the first group.  
January  Who might get vaccinated: More health care workers, other essential workers like emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and police  
February  Who might get vaccinated: More essential workers and high-risk adults  
March  The US may still be in Phase 1 of Vaccination in March, simply because of the sheer numbers involved. Anyone healthy and under 65 who is not an essential or high-risk worker would not be thinking about Vaccination yet.  
April  If more vaccines have been approved and brought online, it’s possible Phase 2 of Vaccination could begin by now.  
May  Young adults and children would have to wait until Phase 3, and under other scenarios, that’s likely to be May at the soonest — perhaps June or later, depending on what ACIP decides, what the vaccine supply looks like, and how smoothly distribution is going.  

Where will I get it?

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Hospital and health care workers will get the vaccine at their workplaces, so will nursing home and long-term care facility residents.

When the time comes, you can get shots at:

  • Assisted living and senior living homes
  • Pharmacy chains
  • Big-box stores are also gearing up to deliver vaccines –
  • Grocery store pharmacies
  • Physician offices
  • School clinics  (especially in states where community clinics have been installed in schools)

Many dental professionals wish to extend their helping hands in administering the COVID19 vaccine. A few states have already permitted their local dentists to give the shots. Like for example, in Oregon. Dentist Covid vaccine is now a sensitive matter in the medical industry.

Dentists and their teams can help increase the nation’s medical surge capacity when medical personnel is overwhelmed. Maybe soon, they will also have the green light to administer the much-needed COVID vaccine shot at their dental offices.

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