DIA 2019 | Podcast Interview with Z-Systems

Z-SYSTEMS is the global leader in ceramic implants. Having dentists place tens of thousands of implants over the last 15 years’ experience have brought them significant advances in manufacturing, quality, and know-how.

In 2001, the FDA approved Z-SYSTEMS with its first placement of a Z1 implant and become the world’s first 100% ceramic screwed bone level implant with the SLM surface in 2018.

Z-SYSTEM is offering continuing education opportunities for the doctors this year in 2020, the Zirconia Implant Fellowship, a year-long certificate program features 10 comprehensive modules taught via live webinars by leading experts in ceramic dentistry, covering all important aspects of zirconia implant practice, including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Surgical and final restorative stages of zirconia implant cases
  • Surgical therapies and implant placement in selected cases
  • Prosthetic therapies
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Prevention and management of implant complications
  • The science and long-term history of zirconia implants.

This interactive, one-of-a-kind educational program commences the last Friday of January and concludes in December 2020. Each hour and a half session takes place on the last Friday of each month, excluding July and August. Several sessions will include live surgical demonstrations, and each webinar will conclude with a group discussion and Q&A period.

Learn more about how to access the only zirconia implantology program of its kind and become a Fellow of the Zirconia Implant Society

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Onemedall thanks Andrew Veneziano for taking the time, to share his experience and knowledge about Z-SYSTEMS with us at the DIA 2019.

This full interview can be seen below.

To learn more about Z-Systems implants or other products they have contact Andrew by emailing: [email protected] or contacting him via phone: (617) 513-5534.

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