The Age Old Question: Do Dentists Accept Medicare Near Me?

If you find yourself on medicare type insurance and are in need of dental care, you may wonder “do dentists accept medicare?” The short answer is yes, while the long answer is that it depends on your personal medicare plan, the supplemental insurance that you have, and the area that you live in – as well as whether or not the practice in question is a participating provider and your treatment is determined to be needed or necessary.

It is important to contact your dentist, even if they list medicare as one of their accepted forms of payment, to make sure that they will be able to work with you before you schedule an appointment for the treatments that you need. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re enrolled yourself in Medicare Part-B.

In the past, dental services were never something any dentist, dental practice owner, or even office manager would think could be covered by medicare, and for many people their plans still don’t cover much more than emergency services. However, supplemental packages for dental and vision are common within the medicare system and you may be able to opt into those if need-be for a small premium.

These packages will generally list information about what they cover, how often you can use the benefits, how much you will need to pay out of pocket, and many other tidbits of information when you are signing up to use these benefits. It is very important that you pay attention when selecting a policy to make sure that your needs are covered.

Generally speaking, a dentist that work with a large number of payment methods will be busy and will generally have a bit of a wait between contacting them and being able to use their services. Don’t let this discourage you as you will generally be able to receive quick follow up visits and will be treated like any other patient.

The wait time is simply because there are a large number of individuals seeking care from the same dentist, not because they don’t want to work with you or because they are unsure if your benefits can be used within their practice. With a limited number of participating providers so to comes a limited number of treatments that can be done in the practice.

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If You’re Still Asking: Do Dentists Accept Medicare Near Me? Read on.

If your dentist tells you that you need a referral or that you have to have a procedure done over multiple visits there is likely a reason. Strict monitoring of medicare and what’s deemed needed or necessary makes sure that everyone gets the care that they are entitled to and that you are able to count on your dentist to take good care of you as a whole when it comes to your oral health.

Most of the supplemental plans include not only emergency services but also those that are preventative in nature. This is because the entire point of supplemental plans is to provide you with a higher standard of health and to ensure that you don’t need emergency services. Be sure to take full advantage of your benefits as regular check-ups and cleanings may be a requirement to receive other forms of care without a referral in the future.

Overall the answer to: do dentists accept medicare is yes, you just need to know what kind of plan you have and need (medicare part-b) and to find a provider that is within our network in your area. If you can’t find one in your area, contact your program coordinator to see if they know of one or can point you in the right direction.

If you’re looking to learn more about how medicare can help you as a patient overcome any oral health issues or concern you may have be sure and reach out to us so we can see if there is a Dr. in your area we can put you in touch with.

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