A Question Many Seniors are Asking Themselves: Do Dentists Accept Medicare Part B?

Wondering If: Dentists Accept Medicare Part-B For Dental Procedures? You’re not alone.

If you are retired, and you have access to Medicare, you may wonder which of your plans is going to provide you with coverage for medical procedures. As you may know, Medicare typically provides coverage only for emergency room visits and doctor visits. However, it may not provide anything for medical visits at all. If you have a separate policy through a company that specifically except claims for dental procedures, you can use that instead. This article delves into and takes a look at whether dentists accept Medicare Part-B for dental procedures.

Does Medicare Part B Cover Dental Procedures? It depends on the case.

In general, things like dental exams, bridges, crowns, fillings, cleanings, and dental exams are not covered by Medicare part B. These procedures are also not covered by Medicare part A.

Is There Any Time That Medicare Part B Will Cover Dental Issues?

Medicare part B covers outpatient hospital services, physician services, and certain home health services. You may also submit a claim for durable medical equipment, and additional services that may not be covered by Medicare part A. The only time that this may work is if you are in an accident where you are severely injured, specifically around your jaw, and this may help you qualify for coverage. Other than that, if it is general dental procedures that you are getting for a toothache, or if you need a bridge crafted by a cosmetic dentist, this will likely be covered by a different policy or you will have to pay it out of pocket.

Should You Get Medicare Part B Anyway?

If you decide to get Medicare part B, it is simply to complement what Medicare Part A is not going to cover. If you want to have full coverage, just like you did when you are working, parts A, B and C from Medicare is exactly what you will need. If you are not sure, you can always go to your dentist, have them try to submit the treatment’s you need through Medicare, but unless you have Medicare Part B they will not be able to get a reimbursement for the procedures that they are doing.

If you do want dental coverage, Medicare Part C is the policy that you will also want to look into. Once you have this, along with supplemental dental care, you will be able to pay for virtually everything through your insurance.
Keep in mind that even dental coverage is not going to help you with cosmetic dentistry. You may not be able to get dentures with some of the policies. It’s just good to know which Medicare policy you will need if you will want to pay for vision, dental care, and regular hospital and medical visits, you must use each policy accordingly.

You also now know definitively do dentists accept Medicare Part-B if you need to have dental work done. Checkout our amazing network of Dr.’s who can help you across the country who are medicare participating providers

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