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Claim your checks from Medicare and get paid for the doctor part of your work without hiring a biller or learning new clinical skills

Discover how Dentists are increasing their revenue and collections by 30% or more while reducing their overhead in as little as 90 days without having to see more patients or do more dental work

Health Start From Mouth
Mouth is Part of the Body
Health is From Head to Toe

Dental is Medical
Medicare now covers dental
Are you getting paid your checks?

You should be!
As long as you have an active license, and you doing dentist-doctor work on living patients. Why is it ok to skip getting paid for working on that living patient?

What I mean is, dental is issues that deal with the tooth and only the tooth. Anytime the issue extends beyond that, you should get paid for the doctor portion of the work you are doing also.

It's easy to say it's just dental, if the tooth you are working on is not connected to a living body (ie. pig's head practice), it's

Everyone knows dental is medical, it's a specialty of doctors that treat the teeth and the mouth. We all know, you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mouth, but why do we accept dental denial?

"Dental" is NOT a good enough reason or excuse for health payers not to pay on the most important part of our body and our health?

I know... there's a lot of things in dental that don't make sense and we accept. I'm not about to bring up the dental-medical delusion without having a solution for this, so bear with me on this one while I unravel this one. It will take some effort, but trust me, it will be worth it.

For the past 4 years I've made over $20 million dollars for Dentists all across the nation get credentialed with CMS and get paid for the doctor portion of the work that they do. The dentists I work with are all working on living patients and are helping the patients to better their health and this directly and indirectly affects their medical need and status.

You shouldn't get paid on a Private Practice Budget

You shouldn't run a dental hospital on a Private Practice Budget

Three mistakes 99% of dentists make, that you should stop immediately:

Unlike every other office manager and every other dental practice when I see a patient I don't see them for their Dental needs first I understand that I am seeing a living patient and they have health or medical needs that take priority and precedence over any dental treatment I want to sell

1. Doing doctor work for free and not get paid for it.

2. See Patients as a Dentist, instead of a Dentist-Doctor

3. Dentists try to be a Dentist and also run their own practice

The first and most important mistake that I see most dentists making is not getting paid for the most valuable work that they do. It's so common in dentistry and the Gap is so wide, I on a mission to educate all dentiss out there that it's possible. It makes no sense to learn all the clinical skill but to throw away all of the money that you should be earning from your hard work. Not doing medical billing and getting paid from medicare and all the other payers is doing the same thing in real life as a dentists and for your dental practice. Your staff and your patients deserve better

Dentists are so busy dentisting focusing inside the mouth and in such fine detail that they rarely get the time to really examine the bigger picture and the fundamental problem that lies beneath. This is made evident when you look at the alarming amount of medical malpractice in dentistry. There are over 200 medical specialties, and dentistry, or being a dentist is just one of them, and also one of the least paid in relation to the value and work they do. Why then do dentists have such high malpractice and problems?

Simple. The Fundamental has been broken. Dental IS Medical and Dentists ARE Doctors. Dentistry gets into trouble because any doctor that treats patients should get all their options in treatment and financially, but both are denied in 99% of practices in the US.

Doing Dentistry clinically and running the practice of Dentistry in business or two completely different fields. It takes a very different skill set to be successful at both. And although both sets of skills can be Mastered by one person it takes a lot of time commitment and focus to pull it off. And both are required to run a practice successfully from the beginning. It's not something that can be compromised. Having your business side match your clinical side is extremely important.

It doesn't make sense for you to get your license and to be a doctor and literally be doing life-saving with the complexity and intensity similar to open harder brain surgery yet have a front office manager or assistant that just graduated there last job at a fast food restaurant and doesn't have any experience in surgery or hospitals. And it's far too common but it makes a less sense that we hire somebody without Dental or medical knowledge and especially if they don't even have business knowledge to run your practice. When you think about it and make so much sense but this is the reason why so many Dental practices are in trouble. They don't realize the business that they are in and even when they do they try to do it all by themselves.

Unless if you figured out how to be in an operating room treating patients and also looking over the financials scheduling taking phone calls and providing excellent communication and service to your patients at two places at once, you need and must hire a health planner and/or someone that can help your practice run smoothly on your business side to match your clinical skills

Our Trained Health Planners Will Increase Your Revenue & Get More Patients for you

Our proven methods have helped dentists across the country achieve unprecedented success, and we're confident that we can help you too. Whether you're looking to expand your services, attract more high-value patients, or simply increase your revenue, a Health Planner can help you achieve your goals.


Profit, Collections Increased

Patient lives saved and/or improved because treatment was covered and patients got better


More New Patients Monthly

Every Medicare Patient is eager to find a good Dentist, Good Dentist want good patients, its a win-win


Peaceful Sleep at Night

Reduce Stress and Protect Your Practice with professionals that have experience and know-how

Our Clients With Their Submitted Recommendations

"You can't run a dental hospital on a private practice budget"

"Best Investment"

Best investment in my career since Dental school. If I had known sooner I would have been doing this a long time ago

N.S. DDS - Brooklyn, NY

"I couldn't be happier"

Over 35 years in dentistry and I have never seen anything like this. It actually works and its consistent. I couldn't be happier

C.P. DDS- Algonquin, IL

"Medical Money"

I didn't want to believe it. I can't believe I didnt get paid medical money before. Now I know it's possible I will help as many patients as possible.

J.M. DMD - Eustis, FL

"Marketing Miracle"

I just started and already got 11 new phone calls over the weekend, 9 of them had Medicare and all of them booked an appointment. I rarely get 3-5 responses a week! It's a Marketing Miracle

M.D. - Fresno, CA

"Missing Piece of Puzzle"

After going to almost every conference, course, and taking every CE I could, medical billing made all the difference. This is the missing piece of the puzzle that I've been missing my whole career!

S.H.L. - Aurora, CO

"For the Patients"

I am almost retiring and I didn't do it for the money, although the checks are great and helps my wine hobby alive. I did it because of the patients. I didn't want to turn away patients I knew I could help.

J.J.E. - Beverly Hills, CA

Let Us Help You Make your Practice More Profitable

Dentists are Doctors and you should get paid like one. Dentists Deserve More because they save lives and are underpaid

Audit & Assurance

Health Planner (12 months)

You will have a medical biller assigned to your practice to get your patients covered, treatments accepted and claims paid. You do the dental, they do all the rest to get your paid.

Audit & Assurance

EZ Biller for Dentists

EZ Biller is a Dental Medicare Billing Software specially designed for Dentists to bill their dental procedures that qualify to Medicare and other Medical Plans for payment in the mouth.

Audit & Assurance

Credentialing Setup

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires a Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN) to Bill claims as a Physician. We get it done for you so you don't have to.

Audit & Assurance

H.S.F.M. Medical Billing System

Health Starts From Mouth System is a Medical Billing system for Dentists designed to keep you compliant as a Rendering Physician and Billing Provider. Audit? No Problem, No Worries!

Let our team work with you
and do the claims for you

Medical Billing for Dentists has never been more simple

Health Planner Basic


Increase revenue by up to 30% or more, get more patients with less headaches and less overhead.

Health Planner Basic Includes:

- 1 Health Planner (Medical Biller) assigned to you for 12 months

- CMS/Medicare Credentialing, includes direct payment setup

- EZ Biller Medicare Biller Software with Pre-Loaded Codes, includes Training

- 17% Medical Billing Fee only after you get paid

BONUS #1: Onboarding Kick-Off Call ($350 value)

BONUS #2: Medical Billing for Dental Reference Guide ($17,000 value)


What's included?

1 Health Planner (Medical Biller) assigned to you for 12 months
CMS/Medicare Credentialing, includes direct payment setup
EZ Biller Medicare Biller Software with Pre-Loaded Codes, includes Training
17% Medical Billing Fee only after you get paid
BONUS #1: Onboarding Kick-Off Call
BONUS #2: Medical Billing for Dental Reference Guide

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Can health planners help me with Medicare and Medical Billing safely?

YES, that's exactly what they do! Our health planners are specially trained through a 6 week program to know exactly how to increase your revenue and get you more patients for your dental practice. Health Planners All our health planners has passed a background check and have extensive dental training or have a background in dentistry.

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Will this work for my Dental Practice?

Every Dental practice has different needs and may be something we can help answer in more detail over a call. In short, Health Planners are designed to help dental practices get more new patients and be more compliant.

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$30,000 seems expensive, do you have proof?

I understand $30k per year sounds expensive at first. It is a lot of money.
However, when you look at it monthly, and consider you get a team member than can help you secure more patients, more collections and lower your risk. The $2500 per month, when put into perspective, could be the very best money you ever spend.

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What If I want to stop or cancel?

Most of our Dentists, once they start, they don't want to stop getting paid and/or helping patients. Please provide a 30 day notice for us to process this request. If for any reason you would like to stop or cancel, you can do so at anytime.

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What if I cannot afford $30,000 upfront?

We have payment plans that may be able to help. $3000 to start and just $2800 per month after that.

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Can you guarantee this will work?

We know our system works and you can get paid from Medicare and/or other medical payers if you do the work that qualifies.

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