Medical Billing Service For Dentists: Is It Helpful for Patients?

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Every dental patient wants a smooth sailing process whenever they visit a dentist. Sometimes, the dental staff can no longer handle billing due to their practices overwhelming patient demand. Remarkably, a Dental billing service can be their asset in making the billing process handled flawlessly and the claim submission quickly. The person in charge should be systematic and honest, or patients will suffer the consequence of improperly billed. How is a medical billing service for dentists helpful for patients?

The person managing dental billing is well-versed with the process, and they are using specific codes in filing a claim. Thus, these people are professionals. Dental patients can expect a faster turn-around and processing of claims through them.

In Medical Billing Service For Dentists: As a Patient, What Are Your Responsibilities?

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They say that it takes two to tango. It implies that a dentist and his patient should work together to make things easier and efficient for both of them. As a dental patient, here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Know your budget. As a patient, it is your responsibility to pay for the agreed amount for a particular service or treatment. Do not agree to treatment that you know you cannot afford to pay. 
  • Tell it to your dentist.  It is best to be transparent with your dentist about your medical or health status, like if you have an underlying medical condition before jumping into getting a dental treatment. It may lead to a complication if you are keeping it to yourself. Also, being transparent helps the dentist or the dental staff distinguish the correct code to use.
  • Review the charges. Billing fraud and abuse sometimes exist in dental facilities. It is the patient’s responsibility to be vigilant, and he should review the claim before acknowledging it.

Medical Billing Service For Dentists: Is It Better Outsourced?

Running a dental practice involves a lot of challenges along the way. One of the challenges per se is handling dental billing. Patients who fail to pay their bills make the whole billing process complicated that creates a total disaster. It is one of the reasons why most dentists would rather have their dental billing job handled outsourced.

But despite the convenience outsourced, there are also some CONs connecting it. Below are some of the list of CONs a dentist and even a patient should know:

  • Some billing companies are also outsourcing their work to a subcontractor, and sometimes they are located overseas. Often, they are not disclosing this to you. It is a bit risky since they are handling the patient’s information. 
  • Patients may get the impression that their information is transparent and shared with other people.
  • Some billing issues require back and forth communication between the dental office staff and the billing company. There is a possibility for a communication breakdown that would lead to slowing down the processing of claims.
  • If the patient information is compromised, the dental office is still responsible for violating HIPAA laws. Not unless if both parties have indicated their responsibilities in the contract. 

As a dental patient, it is your responsibility to be knowledgeable about the coverage of your insurance.

It is okay not to be complacent sometimes and be always on the lookout to know if the charges and claims submitted are correct. Learn more about Dental billing and stay in the know. You can also give us a call at OneMedAll, and we’ll surely help you out.

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