A Detailed Guide on How to Become Medicare Certified as a Dentist

Becoming Medicare certified has become essential in the modern age and it’s time to understand what the process entails. The average dentist may understand the importance of doing so, but won’t know where to begin. For those wanting to learn how to become medicare certified as a dentist, we’ve done our best to provide a detailed guide to simplify matters.

Sign up for an NPI

Before doing anything else, a dentist will need to sign up for the National Provider Identifier (NPI). This is necessary to enroll in Medicare. This process can be completed online and doesn’t take long. Move forward with the official NPI application, fill in the relevant details, and send it as soon as possible. The application may have to be mailed over to the main NPI address listed on the site. Please remember, this is the first step towards becoming certified.

Fill Out the Medicare Enrollment Application

The next step is an important one and has to be managed with patience. The dentist is expected to acquire an NPI (the official papers should be in hand) before filling out the Medicare Enrollment Application. This application can be found on the main Medicare website and is available through their online enrollment system (i.e. Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System). Take the time to go through the different steps, understand what’s required, and then fill out the application. PECOS has a straightforward setup and may require additional documentation to verify certain credentials including the dentist’s name/address. Make sure to send this information in to move the process along.

For those looking to mail in a paper application, it’s okay to print out the Medicare provider application forms from the CMS website. The same website can be used for billing documentation once the approval has come through. Remember, those benefits only apply when Medicare is made aware of them. There are no additional fees associated with this process.

Find the Right Designation before You Ask: How to Become Medicare Certified as a Dentist

While learning how to become Medicare certified as a dentist, it’s important to have a Medicare provider number. To do this, there are going to be specific requirements in the CMS about designations and what the dentist does at their practice. Go through each detail, understand what the designation stands for, and make sure to apply under the appropriate category. Any mistakes in this regard may lead to hitches in the application process and those are going to waste time.

Make sure to go through the CMS patiently and understand what’s required. If necessary, please feel free to go through Medicare’s official documentation to learn what each code stands for and whether or not it applies to this specific case. Remember, it’s important to have as much information as possible before moving forward with the certification. After going through the various details and finding the right designation, fill out the relevant details and apply.

This will make sure the approval comes through as soon as possible. Don’t ignore this information and always double-check before sending in the application forms. It’s the only way to guarantee a smooth process and to get qualified as a Medicare provider.

Final Thoughts on How to Become Medicare Certified as a Dentist

This is what it takes while learning how to become Medicare certified as a dentist. There are several details to account for and it’s important to get on top of this as soon as possible. A modern-day dental practice will have to ensure its dentists are qualified as it simplifies the legalities associated with different procedures. Take the time to understand what the legal requirements are and ensure the certification goes through right away. Any delays in this regard may get in the way of one’s practice and how medical billing is handled.

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