How to Submit Claims to Delta Dental

If you’re scratching your head asking how to submit claims to delta dental, then this article will make it seem easy. Submitting a claim to an insurance company can be a bit intimidating, or frustrating, depending on what part of the process you are involved with but the good news is that often times there are some direct instructions or guidance for how to move a claim successfully and Delta Dental is no exception in this manner. Since this company is one of the most common and popular options when it comes to dental care whether on a state’s medicaid, a company based insurance plan, or picking up coverage as an independent contractor, it makes sense that being able to quickly and efficiently submit a claim so important should be easy.

The First Step on How to Submit Claims to Delta Dental

The first step is to download the proper claim form. The process is going to change depending on what particular program you are filing for. There are different forms depending on whether the account is Delta Dental PPO, Delta Dental DPO, Delta Dental Premier, DeltaCare USA, or the AARP Dental Insurance Plan. Each of these forms are going to be similar in one way or another, but they are different and that means the proper forms absolutely must be used in order to make sure that the claim is properly made.

Filling Out the Proper Information

One of the most important steps in knowing how to submit claims to Delta Dental is to make sure that the proper information is filled out. This includes all the patient and subscriber information on the claim form, but also the dentist’s full treatment statement. If for some reason a Statement of Treatment isn’t available then a detailed receipt can be a successful alternative, but it needs to include a thorough amount of information.

Information you may need to include, but isn’t limited to:

  1. – The dentist’s NPI
  2. – The dentist’s TIN
  3. – State license number & specialty code
  4. – List of treated teeth and treatments
  5. – Total service costs
  6. – The contact information of the dentist and or dental office

What to Do if a Claim Is Rejected

Normally all parties attempt to make the process as smooth as possible, but sometimes a claim is missing information or for some other reason it is rejected. In these situations that doesn’t mean it is completely over, there is a chance to still get the claim accepted. The first step is to make sure there isn’t a really obvious mistake. Was the wrong form used? Was a number switched around that resulted in a wrong NPI, TIN, address, or some other piece of information that would cause a major red flag? These would be mistakes that are pretty easy to fix.

In addition to this, there are Delta Delta contact numbers for each state and contacting each office number directly can help to get someone on the line to go over the application and figure out what the exact problem was and how to quickly correct it. There is even a page for out of country claims to help guide through any hiccups.

Online Resources for Help on
How to Submit Claims to Delta Dental

Delta Dental’s website has different pages not only on how-to submit claims to Delta-Dental but also guides on completing a claim. In other words, there are plenty of options that can help you to find the right form, fill it out, and get the proper reimbursement for the patient and the dental office.

Understanding there are multiple options to see this process helps you to go down the checklist and make this process as smooth as possible. From selecting the right form with the right plan to using direct resources to course correct if anything goes wrong, there are plenty of options to make sure the Delta Dental claim goes through.

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