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Health Planner

Health Planners are a Dentist's best friend and a patient's only liason

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What is a Health Planner?

Health Planners are specially trained to help Dentists get new patients and increase revenue

What does a Health Planner do?

Health Planners can find new patients and help new patients find a dentist that fits their needs.

They can also get medical billing and Medicare claims paid from patient's health plans.

What difference could a Health Planner make?

increase revenue 30% and decrease overhead by 20% within 90 days.
improve your new patient intake process

close more cases and large cases

What is the cost to hire a health planner?

A Health Planner could easily be your most valuable team member.
It's an incredible deal for just $15,000 per year for basic and $30,000 per year for premium.

For Basic, thats just $1250 per month or just 41 bucks per day.

For Premium, thats just $2500 per month or just 82 bucks per day.

A small price to pay considering the average claim is around $2500

How can I hire a health planner?

Three easy ways:

1. Get a Health Planner already trained from us

2. Become a health planner

3. Book a Call to discuss custom options

You can apply for a health planner here or Book a call with our team.

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Want to Be a Health Planner?

Health Planners Help Dentists Get New Patients and Get Paid from Medicare and Medical Payers.

Health Planners Help Patients Find a Dentist That Accepts Medicare and does the procedures they need.

Dentist Getting Paid Daily

Doctors and Patients love us because they get money they need and deserve for their health and or medical dental treatment.

James Magee

OneMedAll has changed my practice, I don't know if I would have survive without medical bililng, thank you!

John Poovey

I was getting tired of General Dentistry, Medical Billing has allowed me to transition to a surgery practice.

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OneMedAll Gets Dentists Paid From Medicare Safely Medicare Safely

May 05, 20231 min read

OneMedAll Gets Dentists Paid From Medicare Safely

Dental is Medical, Dentists are Specialists Physicians of the Mouth. Oral Physicians Save Lives. 99% of Dentists risk lawsuit by not running their practice correctly

OneMedAll Dentists Gets Paid from Medicare Safely Press Release

If you are in the dental industry, and you have not heard about the coming shift, you'll be glad you're reading this letter.

If you are treating a live patient, as a good doctor, most, if not all the work you do is to benefit or better the patient's oral health and wellbeing. Is it not?

This means you are doing medical and/or health-related work but statistics (99% chance) say you are probably throwing away your hard-earned money and/or not getting paid fully in the first place.

Yes. that means, you have not gotten paid A LOT of money you should have been paid. You deserve your doctor dollars for the work you do as a doctor.

You have Two Choices: Be Confused/Angry or Be thankful you found us now and be grateful. It's not too late to get patients help, even if you've already treated them.

OneMedAll's Health Starts From Mouth System gets Dentists paid from Medicare and Medical plans. All Oral health treatments use best practices for documentation and medical necessity.

Join our 30/30/30 Challenge

Join the 30/30/30 Movement, it's a 90-day challenge for any dental practice wanting to increase their revenue by 30%, reduce their overhead by 30%, and/or get 30 new patients in the next 90 days.

You can click on the link below or copy and paste https://onemedall.com/333 into your browser.

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