4 Best Medical Billing Companies for Dentists

Just like other medical professions, being a dentist requires much more than treating patients. Running a dental practice is a challenging task – and that’s where medical billing companies come in.

The medical service industry is continuously evolving at a fast-moving pace and becoming more complex. The dental industry has to deal with multiple fronts like ensuring quality service, handling compliances, payables, and insurance companies. If you are one of many dental practice owners for the first time, you also have to deal with specific medical billing and coding amounts.

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Dentists and their clinical staff may perform these tasks but is not preferable, because first of all, it will eat up a massive amount of time, and they may compromise their patients by not entirely focusing on them.

You may have to consider coordinating with agencies or companies for insurance and patient invoices and to manage office staff and ensure timely billing. Healthcare service providers like dentists need medical billing companies to perform and accomplish the task. These companies can ensure that medical service providers are reimbursed for their services on time. It is highly essential to make sure that your dental billing is unblemished.

Many medical practitioners suffer a massive loss in revenue because of medical and billing errors. Approximately $125 billion is left on the table each year due to poor billing practices. This is the main reason why dental outsourcing has become a practical option and consideration.

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The dental care facilities can hire billing and coding specialists on their payroll or think through dental outsourcing. It is a practical solution that would benefit dentists, their staff, and patients. It is always advisable to go for outsourcing the medical billing and coding to specialists agencies or companies.

There are a lot of companies and agencies available today to help you with the struggle. We’ve scouted, evaluated, and thoroughly reviewed some companies and their profiles to determine the best and most feasible options that can work for you.

The Best Medical Billing Companies – Our Suggestion

Antora – is a dedicated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service provider that can help you and your practice to reduce the attrition rate, improve quality of hire, timely reporting, and increase the return on investment (ROI). They have a well-coordinated system; they assure the sound optimization of billing and coding operations. Their services include medical coding, cash/payment posting, credentialing claims submission and denial management, and many more. Antora Solutions improve value in the process by providing cost and time effectiveness in medical billing and coding.  

Brady Billing – Their service includes providing high-quality medical services for dental work and also for sleep apnea. They provide the very best care for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). 

OMS PARTNERS, LLC – they offer service to dentists who are just starting their service. The company can assist you with essential business planning, communication with contractors, recruiting, and facility coordination. They provide medical billing services for dental offices that include completing and polishing all the work with insurance companies; they ensure timely payments from insurance companies without requiring much time and resources from the dentist staff.

EZ Dental Billing – EZ Dental Billing has provided dental offices with billing solutions to help clients track receivables and maintain efficiency for more than ten years. They have their fees posted on their website that you can browse through.

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With a credible and experienced company looking over your billing and coding-related concerns, you can have control over your practice while all the tasks mentioned above are accomplished and performed more professionally and proficiently. With the help and support of a dental outsourcing company, dentists and their staff can focus well, spend more quality time with patients, and efficiently provide all necessary care to their patients.

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