3 Steps to Become a Medicare Certified Dentist

Becoming a Medicare certified dentist means more than you may think. In dentistry, most practitioners may understand that Medicare only covers care for patients from certified Medicare providers.  It has been a staple to become Medicare certified in modern living, dentists of today fully understand the importance of doing so. That being said, many dentists remain unaware of where to begin.

It is crucial to know the process that it entails and the requirements needed to become a certified Medicare provider. We have come to arrange an easy step by step, a guideline that you can follow.

If you wish to bill Medicare for your services and to have the ability to order and certify, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for an NPI

First things first, get an NPI. If you already have one, proceed to Step 2.

What is an NPI?

NPI stands for National Provider Identifier; as a health care provider, your unique 10-digit identification number as the required identifier for Medicare services.

This step is necessary for Medicare enrollment; this can be quickly done online. You can visit the NPPES website to apply. After completing the application, send it without delay. If you’re unsure if you’ve already acquired an NPI, you can search and check via NPI Registry.

Step 2: Accomplish the Medicare Enrollment Application

You can enroll via PECOS online application. Thoroughly fill out the Medicare Enrollment Application and take time to examine and understand each step and what is required. PECOS has an uncomplicated system and has video and written tutorials that can help guide you with the whole enrollment process. Be sure to input the accurate and correct information, and do not hesitate to prepare additional documentation for further verification.

Step 3: Contact your MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor)

MAC is a private health guarantor that attends the primary contact between Medicare Fee-For-Service programs and the health care providers enrolled in the program. You can contact MAC regarding your enrollment status and other FFS inquiries and concerns.

Important things to remember once you’re Medicare certified:

Do not forget to keep your enrollment information updated to avoid cancellation of any Medicare billing privileges. If changes in practice location or ownership occur, you must report it right away or within 30 days. However, if you applied online, you could update through the PECOS website while you need to resubmit your form. That’s when if you applied using a paper application to keep your info up to date.

Though Medicare does not cover most dental care, it is still essential to assure your certification. That’s why dental practice today will have to guarantee its dentists to be qualified and certified as it facilitates the legalities and legitimacy associated with different procedures. 

Take a few moments to scan through the legal aspects and legal requirements, the certification needs to go through right away. Slowing this process may attract future difficulties; it only could get in the way of any dental practitioner practice.

Moreover, for our last reminder, do not forget to double-check important information before sending the application forms. That is if you want to attain a straightforward and smooth enrollment process to be finally a competent and Medicare certified dentist.

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