Congratulations! If you’re reading this page it means we’ve decided to tell you about our partner program. What types of partners do we work with?

Two main types of partners:
#1 Professionals in Dentistry partners
#2 Dentist Partners

As a company we’ve chosen to break down our partner program into these two categories to keep things simple. If you’re a dentist that’s work with us or simply part of our network then of course we will be working with you in a greater capacity than those who are our dental professional partners.


To Become a Partner Select the Option that Suites You Best.

OneMedAll Referral Partners will also need to abide by the following guidelines and understandings:

  1. ¬†OneMedAll Partners looking to refer associates or colleagues to OneMedAll will have to have shown and gone over the packages and contracts/options available to them depending on which package they’re interested in moving forward with.
  2. Payment whether full or initial (based on payment plan).
  3. Signed and returned practice contract and agreement.
  4. Ok with net-60 payment terms via PayPal or other payment options.

Resources for the aforementioned contracts/agreements can be found here.