Tesla Driver Pulled Over For Flossing While Speeding

You may think that self-driving cars allow you to get away with all sorts of multitasking while behind the wheel or likely Flossing While Speeding. Not so, however, as one Canadian Tesla driver learned. Police happened to catch this busy driver as he had set his Tesla to autopilot so he could focus on flossing his teeth and Flossing While Speeding.

The unnamed driver was caught in the act of flossing while driving on January 8. The 58-year-old also happened to be blasting through the town of Oakville, Ontario, at nearly 60 miles per hour over the speed limit, which didn’t help matters.

It’s worth noting that even Tesla, Inc. would not approve of this behavior. Though it boasts impressive self-driving technology in its cars, the company says drivers should always be ready to grab the wheel and take control for themselves at a moment’s notice.

Tesla warns against misusing the self-driving tech

Just last month, a Connecticut man crashed into a police car while using the autopilot mode. He told cops that he hadn’t been watching the road after he gave the computer control.

They responded by ticketing him for reckless driving. Others have been pulled over while sleeping or eating while autopilot is enabled. One memorable driver even got caught trying to watch porn on their phone during the drive.

According to Tesla, the primary purpose of autopilot mode is to help with things like parking, keeping a consistent speed, and changing lanes. It isn’t currently intended to be used for actually driving a full trip. The company wants fully self-driving cars to be a thing in the future, and this technology is the start of that, but it’s not there yet.

Drivers behind the wheel of a Tesla should have their eyes on the road at all times

The company warns on its website that drivers behind the wheel of a Tesla should have their eyes on the road at all times, even when autopilot is turned on. How much you’re able to embrace the full range of Tesla’s self-driving capabilities is also related to where you’re driving the car.

Drivers in Canada and the United States have a wider variety of self-driving functions to enjoy. In Europe, on the other hand, Tesla had to lessen the number of autopilot features available because of stricter regulations from governments across the continent.

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