The Best Apps for Dentists

Unlike a decade ago, many aspects of our lives have been made easier with the continuous development of software, apps, and technology in general. Dental offices are starting to take advantage of many mobile “apps” that make managing a dental practice easier. Amazingly, many software applications are currently available that carry a surprising amount of utility.

You’ll now be able to put your smartphone to work in your dental practice in a way you’ve never thought possible, lowering your administrative costs, streamlining the administrative processes in your practice, making the ordering of supplies quicker and easier, and assisting your patients with educational materials, outcome expectations, and general communication. In this article, we will look at the best applications dentists can use to help their practice thrive. If you’re looking for the best online shopping experience you may still consider mobile web and even searching for things on your computer. However, what many dentists and practice owners have found over the years is many apps have helped improve their practice through their native solutions.

Dental Apps Designed for Dentist

Many great apps can help modern dentists gain efficiency and effectiveness in running their dental practices. To give you some ideas about how apps can improve your practice, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best apps for dental professionals available today.

You have probably heard about some of the most popular teeth brushing apps such as Disney Magic Timer, Brush Your Teeth Timer, and other kid brushing teeth apps. However, today we are going to focus on the dental apps designed for dentists.

1. Dental Expert

Dental Expert is one of the best dental apps related to hygiene. Not only does it explain a range of dental problems and treatments, but it also provides useful information about good dental habits.

It explains different dental procedures and answers the most common questions about dental health issues, treatments, and dental care in general. For example, if a patient needs a root canal treatment, with the help of this app, they will know exactly what the problem is and what the solution to their health problem is, the recovery time, the steps of the procedure, etc.

Once the patient better understands what exactly is happening to them and why they need the dentist’s help in the first place, it will be easier for them to minimize the fear level and feel more confident about visiting the dentist’s practice.

2. DDS GP (Dental Demo Suite General Practice): Patient Education

It provides an image gallery where the dentists can upload their own images or use stock photos. It also explains several common dental problems, as well as their treatments. If the patient or the doctor wants to discuss some specifics relating to the dental conditions, they can be marked as a reminder.

3. SocialDental

People love to post the details of their everyday life on social media – and SocialDental was designed for that exactly. This app allows you to capture your own dental habits and post it online. If you are a dentist, you can capture your practice, patients, different treatment processes, the before and the after pictures, etc. This is a good way to promote your practice and connect with your patients or potential patients on a more personal level and gain their trust.

4. Lex-Dental Complete

This app is an extensive library full of information about dental conditions and their treatments, drugs and their effects, and high definition images to understand all of that better. You can get a 30-day trial for this teeth app for free before subscribing to one of the plans.

5. Dental Manager

Most dental apps are either simple tooth brushing timers or libraries full of information about various dental conditions and their treatments; Dental Manager’s developers have taken a slightly different approach.

Dental Manager focuses on organizing treatment plans for patients, which you can then send to your patients Smartphone devices. You can download the picture, plan the appointments, and always keep your patients updated about everything considering their dental health and treatments.

6. MyDentist

One of the biggest issues with dental health, in general, is the fear of dentists that many people experience. The Mydentist app can help you with that. This dental app was developed to enhance communication between dentists and their patients. The patients can ask questions or describe the problems they are experiencing to their dentists. The dentists can then respond with useful advice, or they can set up an appointment. This is particularly useful in emergency cases.

7. Romexis

Romexis is a perfect teeth app if you are looking for an app to view 2D and 3D images from X-ray units. The app offers high-resolution images that you can send to your patients while also explaining the necessary course of treatment. The images can be edited, zoomed-in, adjusted and shared across multiple device zones.

8. Canvas Note Taker HD

Every doctor has to deal with patient medical history forms – and only a few enjoy this process. However, Canvas Note Taker HD can make it much easier to organize patient history forms and notes.

The notes and forms can be saved on PC synchronized with the mobile phone; they can be edited, updated, and shared with the patient. It makes the administrative part of a doctor’s job much easier.

9. Mavro: Dental Spanish Guide

It happens to all doctors and dentists from time to time; sometimes, they have to treat patients that don’t speak the same language. This can be particularly difficult if the patient doesn’t know how to explain to you what the problem is and if you aren’t able to explain the course of treatment to them.

If you treat Spanish-speaking patients from time to time, you don’t speak Spanish, Mavro: Dental Spanish Guide is the app you need. It will help you communicate with the patients with the help of the images and the Spanish word database.

10. Asprodental

AsproDental is a comprehensive platform for dental practices that includes scheduling online appointments, detailed clinical notes, and recording correct dental codes for procedures. The platform is a user-friendly end-to-end solution that also keeps track of patient balances, electronic consent forms, and updated health information.

The idea was born out of frustration from 2 dental professionals who were frustrated with the outdated and inefficient dental software available to their industry. They wanted to leverage technology to update their practice, process, and provide a more intuitive experience for dentists and office staff, saving time and money.

Software tools that are currently used in the dental industry are obsolete. In addition, there is a lack of tools that are integrated with third-party services like X-Ray, Clearing House, Electronic payments in one place.

With the help of the right dental apps, our lives can become a lot easier, which applies to dentists. Over the last few years, many useful dental apps for dentists have been developed to educate the patients, provide information about different dental conditions and treatments, and make doctor-patient communication easier.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article and insights on the Best Apps for Dentists. If you’re looking to learn more about how to help your practice thrive – be sure and download our FREE 43-page Report on Increasing Case Sizes and Collections.

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