The Correlation Between Bad Teeth and Self-Confidence

Is there a direct correlation between bad teeth and self confidence? Well, even the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control) now agrees that bad teeth and dental injuries need special attention from healthcare providers especially when they come from an e-cigarette or vaping use.

Not only is data finally coming in about an array of potential lung issues that may be associated with frequent e-cigarette use, but paying attention to how bad teeth are affecting individuals shows a massive hit to self-confidence which parallels the rise in depression, not to mention a much more difficult time finding quality are high-paying jobs.

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These Issues are Hitting
All-Time Highs

Looking at the new initial recommendations that have been provided by the Centers for Disease Control, US healthcare providers now have solid data to see what types of injuries are the most common, with the most successful treatments have been, as well as setting standards for required or acceptable care for patients and hospitals alike. All this information has also been made public and comes with a recommendation for how to proceed forward.

One of the first things that should be accepted under coverage is a chest x-ray. This allows for a more clear look at potential breathing, long, or even gastrointestinal issues. There are multiple times where abnormal chest x-rays have helped to save a patient’s life and is recommended that this is always a part of treatment now.

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Gathering Data About E-Cigarette Cases in the United States

There have been 1,299 confirmed cases of injury that is in some way associated with the use of e-cigarette devices. This is in addition to 26 deaths and shows the importance of further research and approving early treatment.

While there is a lot of evidence to suggest that many of the most serious injuries, including the deaths, are often tied to black-market products and unregulated vaping mixes and vaping accessories as opposed to the over-the-counter regulated ones, this still has to be a major concern moving ahead.

While this may still make them safer than smoking cigarettes, that doesn’t work as an excuse to ignore the potential health issues that these items may cause. A chest x-ray, CT scan, and early coverage of potential lung injuries can go a long way to help diagnose, treat, and fix e-cigarette and vaping based injuries.

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