Is Sugar Free Gum Good for Children? New Study Reveals

Recent studies have shown that children who chew sugar-free gum can help reduce the spread of cavities in their mouths. This statement comes from a scientific study that was published in the Journal of Dental Research (focusing on practical clinical research) those published in November 2019. All though this claim has long been suspected to be the case, no study this in-depth had been done to confirm results up to this point.

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What the Journal of Dental Research says about Sugar-free Gum

The study looked at children who did and did not have cavities, children who did and did not chew sugar-free gum, and those who chew regular gum with sugar. The studies show that those children who chewed sugar-free gum in addition to regular dental health routines like brushing and flossing seem to get fewer cavities, and the cavities that already existed appeared to spread at a much slower rate. So does that mean Sugar free gum is good for children? Continue reading on to find out.

This study was based out of Guy’s Dental Hospital which is located in the prestigious King’s College of London in the United Kingdom. The team that did the study looked at many different groups over time and have come to the conclusion that there is plenty of evidence to suggest that sugar-free gum is a way to help to reduce the damage done by cavities with children.

Aside from looking over their study groups, they have also analyzed a mountain of studies spanning eight decades starting from 1946 to see how their findings compared to earlier studies.

There are at least a dozen studies that had been done specifically focusing on chewing sugar-free gum. While this will not work as a substitute for good dental care, doing so could help reduce up to 28% of the damages that would be expected once cavities appear.

Some Things to Keep in Mind about Sugar free gum for Children…

The only studies that were reviewed are those that have been published in English, therefore there is a big possibility of a lot of good study information out there that isn’t included in these results. In addition, there wasn’t enough focus on potential outliers or adverse effects.

That being said, there’s a bunch of excellent information in this study and enough interest and findings to already set the stage for further studies moving into the future. The authors point out that more studies need to be done, however, the early signs suggest that chewing sugar-free gum can be a great way to help contain and delay the damage that cavities cause in kids’ teeth.

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