Top 7 Dentist Specializations That Earn The Most Money

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Let’s take a breather on the serious topics and news, and learn about who are the dentists that make the most money. We know, you are curious too.

If you decide to pursue a dentistry career or are just interested to know how much dentists earn (or how your fellow dentists’ paycheck looks like), keep on reading then.

But first, let’s just have a quick review of why oral health is essential and how dentists can be one of the most important healthcare providers in the world.

There’s a saying that our eyes don’t lie, they’re the windows to the soul, and they always tell the truth.

In oral health, our mouth is a window into what’s going on in our general health and in the rest of our body. 90% of systemic diseases first have some form of clinical manifestations in the mouth.

The mouth plays various important physiologic roles: chewing of food, aids in proper digestion and respiration. We eat, we breathe, we talk, and we smile and laugh using our mouth.

Our mouth is one of the first places to display signs of a medical condition, which is why regular dental visits are crucial for the early detection of signs and symptoms of any systemic disease.

Be it diabetes, heart disease, or osteoporosis, your dentist might be the first one to know before you do.

Being a dentist is a tough job, learning every corner of the oral cavity. Dental professionals are one of the most vital healthcare providers. Regular visits to the dental clinic are so important.

Perhaps the dentistry profession is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

Dentists can earn big depending on their specialization and educational background. Like most of the other industries and practices globally, technology is also transforming the dental industry. Given that we all have teeth, dentistry will always be in demand.

The list of dentists that make the most money

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We’ve listed 6 of the top-earning dentists that make the most money. Just a note, all of these amounts are on average, and possibly, they might be earning more or less!

Dental Hygienist earns an average of $ 75,500 a year

The dental hygienist work side by side with the dentist to meet the oral health needs of patients. They maintain the cleanliness of teeth and examine the oral cavity for signs of oral disease.

They take X-rays or Dental Radiographs, remove calculus and plaque, and applying preventive materials such as sealant and fluorides to the teeth.

General Dentist earns an average of $ 175,840 a year

General dentists are the primary dental care provider. This dentist diagnosis treats and manages your general oral health care needs, including gum care, extractions of tooth root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, and bridges.

Prosthodontist earns an average of $ 190,400 a year

Prosthodontists specialize in repairing natural teeth and replacing teeth using dental implants that use artificial teeth or dentures and crowns or caps.

Specially trained prosthodontists also work on patients with head and neck deformities, replacing missing parts of the face and jaws with artificial substitutes. 

Endodontist earns an average of $ 200,000 a year

A dental specialist focuses on the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and injuries of the human dental pulp or the tooth’s nerve.

This kind of dental specialist may also perform simple to complicated and challenging root canal treatments or other types of surgical root procedures.

Orthodontist earns an average of $ 225,760 a year

An orthodontist specializes in the treatment of malocclusions or “bad bites” of the teeth. Malocclusions can result from crowded, missing, or extra teeth or jaws that are out of alignment.

Orthodontists are responsible for straightening or aligning teeth by moving them through bone by using removable braces, wires, bands, or retainers.

Dental Anesthesiologist earns an average of $ 241,505 a year

Like any other medical Anesthesiologist, this profession controls a patient’s pain and discomfort using advanced general and local sedation during dental surgery and procedures. 

And for the number 1 of our dentists that make the most money list…

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons earn an average of $ 242,370 a year

Oral surgeons perform the most invasive procedures, and they earn the most money. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is the care provider who performs various types of surgical procedures in the entire face, mouth, and jaw area.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons treat accident patients who suffer facial injuries and offer reconstructive and including implant surgery.

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