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Best Medical Billing Company for Dentists Reviews

If you’re looking at the best medical billing company for dentists it’s no surprise you should land on our web page. In this article however, instead of us telling you about all the great services OneMedall provides, we take a moment to evaluate our competitors and see where they stand against each-other. Before jumping into things however it’s important to have a solid understanding of medical billing for dentists. This is important because only then can you truly evaluate the respective companies we will cover to determine what your best option is.

Medical billing is an important part of the medical field and unfortunately a very necessary one. For dentists, especially if you’re an owner of your own dental practice for the first time, the sheer number of options out there can be a bit overwhelming. In addition to that, you want a high quality company that knows how to collect on all the procedures that were done and ensures they are filed in the right way. The good news is that there are a number of great options out there, and in this article we will highlight some of the best of the best in this always competitive field.

OMS Partners, LLC

When asking around to many established practices, one name that keeps coming up for the best medical billing company for dentists are OMS Partners, LLC. This is a group that really understands your needs when it comes to collecting for dental procedures and they also understand the difference between medical billing and dental billing, and know how to work around the potential discrepancies to make the process as smooth, easy, and effective as possible.

With a track record for providing, courteous, and professional treatment of patients in each and every interaction and a thorough understanding of how to deal with insurance companies to get the ball rolling, OMS does a great job striking the proper tone and getting the job done while earning high marks for the polite and professional way they do it.
Nierman Practice Management
Nierman Practice Management is another name that came up frequently when asking around to find the best medical billing company for dentists. They stand out as being specifically focused on billing solutions for dentists, especially regarding less conventional or more expensive dental treatments. This allows NPM to really understand the field inside and out and definitely gives them an edge in dealing with insurance companies, helping dental practices collect the bills that are owed and also helping to mentor them on the little tips, tricks, and practices that can help them confidently provide better services and better results for their patients!

Medical Billing for Dentists
The name is simple and to the point, but after 20 years of working out of the Modesto CA & Los Angeles area, they have earned the kind of reputation that lets them get away with that. After all, results are what matters and the impressive list of long-term clients goes to show they know their stuff. Citing a desire to maximize the coverage from insurance plans while minimizing the hassle and kick back, they have a full system that has stood the test of time and it makes sense that so many dental service providers in the L.A. area trust them.

Brady Billing
Finally the fourth company that brings up our list of the current best medical billing company for dentists is: Brady Billing. They have been providing high quality medical services for both dental work and sleep apnea, and focus on keeping everyone in the company aware of up-to-date treatments, changes in the field, and understanding how the entire billing process works. This gives them the in-depth knowledge and expertise so they can let insurance billers know that they know their stuff – and know when payment needs to be made. A smaller operation that gets big results, there’s a lot to love about the personal interaction that Brady Billing brings to the table.

Conclusion of the Best Medical Billing Company for Dentists

There are many different options out there, and no doubt there are plenty of excellent medical billing options that aren’t on the list. The key is to look for quick responsiveness, a proven track record, and strong endorsements. You want professionals who know how to treat patients and insurance companies alike, and when you find that you are set up for a great partnership.

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