Walmart And SmileDirectClub Team Up to Sell New Line Of Oral Care Products

SmileDirectClub, a direct-to-consumer orthodontics company, is once again disrupting the industry, by debuting a new comprehensive oral care products line that will be exclusively sold at Walmart’s website and over 3,800 stores.

SmileDirectClub stock increased by over 17% on Nasdaq on Monday following the announcement.

The company is based in Tennessee and claims it is the first clear-aligner business offering oral care products to the mass market. It has developed the line for supporting the oral care needs of all types of consumers, including individuals who have had teeth-straightening treatments.

The First Resources for Consumers Safe Oral Care Solutions

Josh Chapman, the chief brand officer of SmileDirectClub, stated in a press released that the debut of the SmileDirectClub oral products to mass retail is extending the company’s mission to be the first resource for consumers for convenient, affordable, and safe oral care solutions.

The initial product rollout from SmileDirectClub includes a teeth-whitening system and an electric toothbrush, which you can now buy at Walmart’s website and stores.

Mr. Townzen Believe that You Shouldn’t Make Sacrifices to Your Budget to Have a Great Smile

Their electric toothbrush, priced at $24.98, comes with a two-minute timer featuring quadrant timer to make sure brushing gets done for the proper amounts of time and in all of the right areas. The company reports that the price of Bright On, its teeth-whitening kit is $39.98 and comes with enough product that will keep teeth white for a period of six months.

The kit comes with whitening pens as well as 20-LED accelerator light for boosting the whitening gel’s power. It is a portable, hands-free light that can be powered by a smartphone.

Shawn Townzen, the vice president of Walmart Personal Care, says they don’t think you should have to make sacrifices to your budget to have a great smile, so they are excited that new smile-enhancing products are being launched by SmileDirectClub and available exclusively at Walmart.

Later in the quarter, SmileDirectClub is introducing an ultraviolet (UV) cleaner smile spa, a water flosser, a sensitivity toothpaste, and whitening toothpaste. The cleaner sanitizes dentures, retainers, aligners, toothbrush heads, and other types of dental hygiene products. SmileDirectClub did not disclose prices for these new products.

Along with the products it is selling at Walmart, SmileDirectClub is introducing two other products that can only be purchased at The company is introducing a Club edition electric toothbrush that is priced at $29. The base features an aligner-cleaning brush head that can be switched for the regular brush head.

The company is also offering a subscription for electric toothbrush replacement heads for $5 per refill. A battery and brush head refill subscription is delivered once every three months.

This is Not the First Time that SmileDirectClub Has Attempted to Shake Up the Industry.

From its very beginning in 2014, it has been a disruptor. It also has faced some pushback from orthodontists, dentists, local dental boards, and the ADA. Much of the controversy involves the teledentistry need to be regulated.

The state dental boards and ADA have stated that SmileDirectClub needs to be regulated under practice-of-dentistry state rules. California’s Dental Board, to date, has been the harshest against the direct-to-consumer orthodontics industry.

This September, California became the first U.S. state to pass a law on teledentistry that requires x-rays and other steps to be taken prior to patients being able to receive treatment from providers like SmileDirectClub.

The company is also facing several lawsuits that have been filed by states across the United States.

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