What Medical Procedures Does Medicare cover?

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Medicare has provided health insurance for over 59.9 million individuals, according to the 2019 Medicare Trustees Report.

Medicare is a federal government health insurance program in the United States that provides health care coverage for Americans aged 65 and above, under 65 and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and also for younger people with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and Lou Gehrig’s disease or also referred to as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS.

And as part of the 2019 Medicare Trustees Report, Medicare has reached out to more than 52 million people aged 65 and older and about 8 million younger people

Many people want to know what medical procedures does Medicare cover. Here is an elaborate explanation of how Medicare works.

Medicare has four parts:

  1. Part A is Hospital Insurance (Inpatient)
  2. Part B is Medical Services Insurance (Outpatient)
  3. Part D is Prescription Drug Plans, though some are covered by Part B.
  4. Part C is Medicare advantage plans

All Medicare benefits are subject to medical necessity.

Medicare covers many tests, services, and procedures depends on where you live. Here is the list of tests and procedures that can be covered regardless of where you live, including the latest Coronavirus or Covid-19 tests:

This list doesn’t entail everything, which is why it is essential to ask and talk to your health care provider if Medicare can cover the test or procedure that you need.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, CNBC reports that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announces a rule change that will allow beneficiaries to get a free Covid-19 vaccine if approved via emergency-use authorization. Read the full report here. Medicare will cover early vaccines for Covid-19.

And the nearing U.S. presidential elections might affect and give changes to health insurance plans, enrollments, and coverages. It is also stated that some Medicare benefits are bound to change in 2021. Lastly, Medicare is now open for enrollment to December 7. Visit Medicare.gov to know how to apply.  Talk to your doctor and learn what medical procedures does Medicare cover.

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